My Go Bag

toteA leather tote, a must have in every women’s wardrobe. A mega purse solution.

Versatile for both work and play.

I initially started carrying “totes” years ago when my children were quite young. In truth we’ve all got a lot to schlep on occasion, and schlepping, by its very nature – is not particularly glamorous. But there are ways that we can make it a little less dreary.

Totes have come along way. Lately, we’ve found a bumper crop of simple, functional tote bags in stores and online. With such a large selection its easy to be “one-of-a-kind” – then in those early days. So you don’t necessarily have to purchase a Celine Cabas Tote or a classic Louis Vuitton.

tote1You can maintain functionality and chic without breaking the bank.

I have a special affinity to a classic leather tote bag. More times then not, my tote houses a set of workout clothes, contracts, and a mid-morning snack.

Getting the most out of your choice of a tote is crucial, for cost purposes as well as achieving a maximum style impact. Think of it as, your handbag being your calling card. It needs to compliment your personal style – your lifestyle.

Decide what best meets the needs of your daily activities, choosing a tote that is easily transitioned from work to play will not only warrant your purchase but eliminate the piles of handbags that you rarely wear.

Quality vs Quantity