Ring Them Bells …

Recently, I traveled the Northern coastline, for work. I decided to stay in a little coastal town for an additional night, on my way home. It was calm, quaint and beautiful in its setting. David and I had passed through the town years ago on one of our many road trips, I was missing him and so I thought it was a perfect place to hang out, collect my thoughts, get a little centered. Luckily for me, one of the shoreline bungalows was available. A little market just around the corner provided a quick meal and a few snacks. The owners married for 60 plus years, stumbled onto this little hidden place years ago and decided this would be the place they would retire. I walked the little path down to the beach, the same one that I once did, hand in hand with my beloved – many years ago.

The following morning as I readied myself to get back on the road and head for home, I heard the sound of “Church Bells” the sound of the ocean and church bells.

Our first home, was nestled in a neighborhood that quite honestly has remained unchanged since its founding in 1887! But in the center, downtown, is a Church whose Bells ring every Sunday, 6:00 am – Noon – 6:00 pm.

I love that the memories these days are filled with the tangible. In that moment I was transported to a time, a remembrance of time filled with promise and hope – for our future. The comfort and love that filled my life, the life I had been given. I’m glad I stayed the extra night, I left my little bungalow, left that little coastal town, with a heart of gratitude – for the life I have been given.

Ring them bells ye heathen from the city that dreams
Ring them bells from the sanctuaries cross the valleys and streams
For they’re deep and they’re wide
And the world is on its side
And time is running backwards
And so is the bride

“Oh Mercy” ~ Bob Dylan

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