The first home we owned together, we planted ~ Jasmine.

The Sampaguita Jasmine [sam-puh-gee-tuh] is a white flower grown on a woody vine, not a tree, with single or double layers of fragrant petals. It opens at night and emits a fragrant odor and droops into the daytime. It’s white flowers are often made in a wreath and it’s extract, into perfume.

According to folklore, it’s name was derived from a lover’s promise to his fair lady; “Sumpa kita” translated as “I promise you” David ~ always finished the sentence with … “Forever”

Summer nights, and the smell of jasmine give way to many memories for me. My children grew up with the ever present, fragrance of the jasmine. Interestingly enough, we have all had moments when we’ve crossed the path of that sweet vanilla scent ~ perhaps, we’ve thought, it is a reminder to each of us, that he is always with us.
The Sampaguita Jasmine was adopted by the Filipinos as the National Flower of the Philippines in 1934. It also happend to be the National Flower of Indoesia.