Distorted perceptions

First, thank you Better not Broken for your recent follow, I am so glad that you did! Your courage to speak out and share your story, with humor and grace – is inspiring.

I have come to understand that there are many “taboo” subjects that exist within our culture (society) today. Quite often if it doesn’t literally fall at our door step, most if not all, could simply be bothered … shame on you, shame on me – shame on us as a society. That it has become common place that we look the other way, and try to call it – label it – something other then what it is. We find convenience in our absolution, with the justification, you simply don’t get involved in something that is not your business. In essence we partner with the “abuser” …

Of the women I have met, and the blogs that I have read – it is a lonely world, filled with shame. Judgement – Ridicule!

I’ve learned that it isn’t just my imagination or conjured up notions, of what I have witnessed.

She describes it as gaslighting, in her blog, and explains that there really is a method to their madness.

It is my belief, that when things are spoken in the light, darkness flees and hidden secrets cannot thrive!