What’s it worth to you …

In today’s world it is almost impossible to avoid stress and pressure. It’s everywhere – our jobs, relationships, homes, and even in our churches.

Do you fall into the category of the “busy worker” where you feel like everything depends on you? Do you feel like the whole world needs you all at once? Throughout your day, you’re always on the look out for that 5 minute time out. Or perhaps, you fear missing out on opportunities so you stretch yourself to the extreme? For some, avoidance, hey who can argue that your incredible long list of responsibilities, and commitments, leaves little time for much else in your schedule.

With all of the stress that surrounds your day, do you ever feel completely overwhelmed? Do you start to doubt God? Or your purpose in life? Or is self-induced busy keeping you from some inevitable in your life …

Ever hear people say, “I don’t have the time to … ” exercise, make dinner, catch my breath – relax. I recall years ago randomly posting on Facebook, Ah, enjoying my nothing to do Sunday, with my Dave! It set off a whirlwind of comments, “I wish I had nothing to do” to generalize the overall theme – or content of the responses.

Most people pay closer attention to their bank accounts, their investments, or how much money they have to spend, give away – contribute. Of course, it is a prudent aspect of our lives but do we consider and carefully plan our time in the same way?

That Sunday post, there were a host of things we could have done, accomplished, perhaps for some, a more useful way to spend the hours of that day. But in retrospect, I am nothing but grateful that we chose every possible moment to have, “nothing to do days, but enjoy our time together.”

… of all the gifts I ever received in the 30 years we spent together, the gift of time is by far the most memorable and precious to me.

Time is the great equalizer. Each day has 24 hours, nobody has any more than anyone else. Everyone, from poets to presidents, fills those hours, one after the other, until they are all filled up. Every single minute is unique, and once gone, can never be regained.

My challenge to you today, take a glance at your scheduled calendar, if tomorrow never comes have you valued the hours you’ve been given and spent them wisely?